Friday, August 11, 2017

Unto the Least of These!! (God Does Meet Our Needs When We Ask – with a Sincere Heart)

“The King will answer and say to them, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me” (Matthew 25:40) Read Matthew 25:35-40 to see what Jesus was talking about here.

Hey Gang:  A grandmother came up to my bride, knowing she had connections to Eagle Village and began to pour her heart out in deep agony and concern for her thirteen- year- old grandson.  It seems he has been on a very straight and narrow road, not for good but for evil.  I wish this sort of thing was a very rare event but such is not the case, as we evict God from our families and institutions. The number of young people, who have nothing to hang their lives on, increases as hope has been ripped from their hearts and souls.

That yearning, seeking trait that God wired into our bodies at conception- you know the one- the one in your chest cavity that is the size of God, which we try to fill with the things of the world.   I wasted a lot of years following that path, with ever deepening hurt along the way.

After working in the government-run Juvenile Justice System, and seeing the failure of that system, and making a vow that I would either develop a way to reach these hurting kids or become a plumber’s helper.  I believe I would have made a lousy plumbers helper.  But God answered the deep yearning of my heart and allowed me to be part of providing a shirt tail for hurting kids to hang onto.

God laid it on my heart, a couple years ago, that I was more concerned with what I would pass down to my children, assets I had accumulated in my lifetime, but I had neglected my spiritual legacy!  So, I sought the Lord’s direction on how I could fix that.  You see, the greatest fear I have is that one of my kids, grands or great grands will reject the gift of God’s Son, who laid down His life for them and all who seek Him. Recently, I received another poke in my gut, saying I needed to do the same with my legacy,  as a small part of developing the Eagle Village.

Now, I say all of that to make two points maybe even three:  
Point one, I had absolutely no back-ground to try such an undertaking - none, absolutely none, not one single iota of background in what was down the road waiting for me to tackle.  None!   I asked God why he choose me to be His legs. He answered my question, “Because you have committed to make yourself available and will complete the task.”  He impressed on my heart and soul- “I will supply all of your needs”. 

Point two, which I am convinced was a major contributing factor to the success and uniqueness of Eagle Village, resulted when He closed all doors for me to visit other programs, attend workshops that would influence my thinking and remove my dependence from listening and taking my marching orders from anyone but Him alone.  My total dependence was Abba Father.  Remember, I knew nothing, no experience.  NONE! 

Point three, He sent me wonderful, totally dedicated people, with wonderful ideas that were innovative, effective and powerful in their results.  One young man came and said we have no mountains to climb, so let’s build a couple. And we did.  Out of the ground came the first climbing walls East of the Mississippi.    Well, folks that is another story for another day, but I will say, Satan threw everything at us but the kitchen sink, and if there had been a kitchen sink available, he would have thrown that too, much like our trip from California to Michigan. 

I felt a strong urge in my heart and spirit to reread the past “God Does Meet Our Needs When We Ask - With a sincere Heart” blogs.  And after rereading them I had the feeling it was kind of like a short book that did not have a beginning or end.  With your blessing, I would like to address the beginning but praise God there is no ending.  I have prayed unceasingly, since the day we took that first boy into that first Summer Camp, that when the Lord returns to take His children to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, the entire 700 plus acres of Eagle Village Campus will be totally void of people -that only their clothes will be found.

Join me tomorrow for the story of an unbelievable trip from Pittsburgh, California to Hayesville, Ohio!  (Read the previous 7 blogs and first ones in May of 2017).



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